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Relaxing Anti-Stress Massages

MAGNOLIA SPECIAL (55’) 55€: Energising massage with floral aromas.

MEDITERRANEAN SERENITY (55’) 55€: Relaxing massage with lavender aromas.

ASIAN FLOWERS (55’) 59€: Balancing massage with Ylang Ylang.

INTENSE THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE (55’) 59€: Pain relief massage with arnica and menthol.

SWEET ORANGE BLOSSOM HONEY (55’) 65€: Moisturising massage with melting honey.

EARTH & SEA: (55’) 65€: Detoxifying massage with oil and sea salt.

Asian rituals

STONES FROM ASIA (55’) 69€: Geothermal massage with hot stones and ginger.

BAMBOU FORESTS(55’) 69€: Draining massage with bamboo canes and green tea.

CHOCOLATE AND CINNAMON CARPICE (55’) 69€: Sensory massage with chocolate and cinnamon oil.

FEET FROM HEAVEN (40’) 49€: Feet reflexology.

Sublime treatments for couples

Price for two people in a double cabin

EXOTIC MAGNOLIA (55’) 145€: Masterful combination of floral and fruity extracts with exfoliation and holistic body massage.

PLEASURES FROM ASIA (70’) 165€: Mixture of Asian spices fused together in a soft exfoliation and holistic massage with bamboo canes.

ESSENTIAL PEARL (70’) 169€: Holistic treatment from head to toes, relaxing and regenerative, with pearl and water lily extract.

Wellness Express

LOCAL THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE (25’) 35€: Back pain relief massageSPA ESSENCE (25’) 35€: Anti-stress body massage with oriental aromas.

SEA BREEZE (25’) 35€: Skull, face and neck relaxing massage.

PAMPERED PREGNANCY (25’) 35€: Special massage for the mother-to-be.

BEACH & SUN (25’) 35€: Relaxing massage with coconut suntan lotion.

TIRED LEGS (25’) 35€: It is ideal for blood circulation problems